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  • Marketing & Public Relations

No Matter Your Need, We Have Solutions!

Office Support

We can look after the time-consuming administrative details and make you look great in the process. Our expertise, talent and dedication helps you complete projects on time and on budget. We offer assistance with the following and more;


Desktop Publishing

  • Create Marketing materials – Using your provided artwork, we will type, design and print brochures, business cards and other marketing materials as needed.
  • Prepare schedules – Type, design and prepare schedules or calendars.
  • Publish newsletters – You provide the list, we will type, design and print your newsletter, prepare address labels and mail or email the newsletter.
  • Create logo materials – Need a branding kit?  We can design and print labels, letter head and other logo materials using client provided artwork.
  • Scan materials – We can take on your scanning project and deliver you the digital files via email or cd.

Email Services

  • Manage email – Working from a general account, i.e.,, we will retrieve and sort all incoming mail, respond to routine requests and forward items of importance to you at your personal email account.
  • Manage email while you are away – Working from a general email account, i.e.,, we will retrieve all incoming email while you are away or on vacation, notify individuals you are out of the office and contact you with urgent messages.

Writing/Editing Services

  • Proofread materials – Format and proofread your written materials and projects to make sure they’re completely error-free.
  • Write promotional copy for print – Writes copy that promotes your business and can be used in brochures and other print marketing literature.
  • Write promotional copy for the web – Writes copy that promotes your business and can be used for web marketing.
  • Write copy optimized for search engines – Write or rewrite your current web copy for powerful SEO.
  • Write drip email campaigns – Write an e-marketing campaign that you can send out to your site’s subscribers or another contact list.
  • Edit promotional copy – Draft or proofread promotional copy that you have already drafted or edit your existing copywriting to make it shine.

Marketing & Public Relations Services

  • Design Company logo – Designs a logo that represents your business and makes a statement on the page, on the web and to your business constituents.
  • Manage Drip Email campaign – Follow a scheduled campaign, formats your campaign copy and send the emails to subscribers under a preset schedule.  Then manage the responses to the campaign and sends you a report.
  • Manage direct mail – Prepares and mail introductory or promotional material to your contact list.
  • Follow up on direct mail – After a set time, call to verify direct mail information has been received and to schedule a sales appointments.
  • Fulfill requirements for marketing materials – Manage your marketing fulfillment.  Email requests are forwarded, fax number is advertised and postcards are mailed with our address as the return address.  Then we will mail the appropriate brochures upon receipt of requests.  We will also update your database with name, address , date and type of brochure requested.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction surveys – Type a customer feedback survey, mail to customers, receive the completed questionnaire, summarize the responses and issue a report to you.