Database Managment

  • Account Reconciliation

  • Update/Upload Contacts

  • Marketing Services

  • Welcome/Confirmation Letters

  • Scheduling/Follow Ups

  • Database Updates/Corrections/Verifications


Help, When You Need It!

Keeping everything organized is a constant challenge for any busy business executive. We can help you capture and track your data allowing you to stay on target by providing the following services allowing you to focus on business growth.



Database Management

  • Compile Business Contact Database – Working from business cards or any list of new prospects you collect over a set period, we will enter the information into your database and return the database to you via email.
  • Make Contact with New Prospects – Working from your contact database we will use mail merge to send each new prospect an introductory letter.
  • Conduct an Ongoing Marketing Effort – We will follow a routine marketing schedule and send a pre-determined marketing piece every two weeks.  We will send you the database via email every week so you have a record of the transactions.  When a prospect responds, you email us to remove that contact from the active marketing program.
  • Send Welcome/Confirmation Letters – We will enter your new customer’s information into your database and send the updated database to you via email. Prepare and email or mail a standard welcome/confirmation letter to your new customer to ensure a warm welcome.
  • Schedule Follow-Ups – Track pertinent expiration or follow-up date information and upon the due date, send a reminder email to you or your customer.
  • Database Verification – Working from your emailed, telephone each contact and verify names, spelling, title and addresses.  All corrections are made, old names are deleted and new names are added.  The corrected db is zipped and returned to you via email attachment.
  • Database Updates and Corrections – We will pinpoint missing data in your database, obtain the missing or outdated info via internet and telephone and return the updated db to you via email.