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When Your ‘To-Do’ Exceeds Your ‘Can-Do’

CEO/Executive Assistance

Let’s face it, you can only be in one place at any one time. We can assist you with any item on your ‘to-do’ list from scheduling appointments to coordinating travel and more by providing the following services;



Admin Services

  • Manage & Maintain Calendar – We will keep your calendar updated and remind you of deadlines, interviews, business and personal appointments and other important events.
  • Manage Email, Phone Calls and Mail – Communicate with your contacts or service providers, schedule your appointments and email appointment details to you.
  • Schedule Appointments – Communicate with your contacts or service providers, schedules appointment and email details to you.
  • Coordinate Meetings – Finds and coordinates meeting places, contact attendees and emails the meeting details to you.
  • Confirm Appointments, Calls and Interviews – Contact your appointment contacts, noting who is confirmed and who must reschedule, and fax or email the details back to you.
  • Coordinate Travel – Coordinate frequent or occasional travel, car rentals, shuttle and hotel reservations.
  • Create Itinerary – Schedule meal, event and personal entertainment reservations for your travel and deliver a detailed itinerary to you via email or if you prefer, can fax confirmations so you have the information at your fingertips.
  • Address and Mail Cards – Purchase, prepare and mail all your special event and holiday cards to the important people in your business life.
  • Purchase and send gifts –  Buying and sending gifts/flowers to clients, friends and family?  Allow us to take care of the details.
  • Handle Routine Paperwork – Fill out daily forms (i.e. sales call recap) and email them to you as needed.
  • Virtual File Management – Maintain your filing online.
  • Order Office Supplies – Orders your office supplies, stamps and other shipping materials as needed.
  • Maintain Client Contact – Call or write to new prospects or current clients/customers.
  • Assist with Business Incorporation – We will handle all of the paperwork that is required to incorporate you business.
  • Give On-Demand Assistance – We can fill-in for your business needs as needed.  Just email a list of tasks you need completed and we’ll take care of the rest.

Research Services

  • Compile Prospect List – We will research target industries that you specify and will contact each company to identify the best contact individual and provide you a complete contact list to work from.
  • Compile Service Vendor Pricing – Contact vendors and obtain written quotes for your projects.  Upon approval, we will coordinate the submission of your project and any other materials to the vendor (if applicable).
  • Identify the Competition – We will conduct a keyword search within your industry and provide you with a list of your closest competitors.  This can include competitors’ websites and other links of interest.

Word Processing/Presentations

  • Type Notes – Working from your scanned and emailed, faxed or mailed original, we will turn meeting notes into typed and formatted notes and email them to you for ease of use and distribution as needed.
  • Edit and Format Documents – Working from emailed originals, we will edit and format your documents and return the finished documents to you via email or fax if you prefer.
  • Type, Format and Mail Letters – Working from your scanned and emailed, faxed or mailed original, we will type your handwritten letter, prints is out on your company letterhead and mail it to the recipient.
  • Type Larger Document Projects – We will type your document project (manuals, reports or other pertinent documentation) and return to you via email.
  • Prepare Powerpoint Presentations – Prepare your Powerpoint slides and return the completed presentations to you.
  • Conduct Surveys – Coordinate with your survey participants via phone or email, reach out to unresponsive participants, track and summarize the responses on a report and deliver the reports to you via email.

Personal Services

  • Plan Events – Organize, prepare and send invite lists, invitations, reminders and manage all RSVPs for your meetings and special events.  We will schedule and coordinate with caterers and vendors to add a custom touch for all of your meeting and event needs.
  • Distribute Important Reminders – Email or Call to remind you of all your important dates.
  • Calendar Management - Keep your personal calendar and remind you of upcoming  appointments or other meeting and events.
  • Conduct research – Research a variety of services, products and more.
  • Provide Clipping Service – Regularly monitors particular newspapers/magazines and clips articles related to your business or anything of special interest to you and your business.  We will also monitor online blogs and send you article links to related articles.

Email Services

  • Manage Email – We will work from a general email account of your choice, i.e.,, we will retrieve and sort all incoming mail, respond to routine requests and forward items of importance to you at your personal email address.
  • Manage Out-Of-Office Email – Working from a general email account i.e.,, we will retrieve all incoming email while you are away or on vacation, notify individuals that you are out of the office and contact you with urgent messages.